Hello from the ☀️ Costume Session! Which is ur favorite?

🕹Still working on our game! Stay tuned!📸 from the last virtual meeting

Concept art for a secret room, made with #ProCreate @Mu11ana 

Some Timelapse Background Graphics for our Game By @Mu11ana ⠀

No fish were harmed during the crash landing of our air ship. We even have some vegetarians on the team.⠀⠀

was shot – and it wasn’t even by mistake. Will the three manage to make it back on board in time? @drachenflugband ⠀

⠀In the air, security is if highest importance. In the unlikely event of a lease beware that the nearest exit may be behind you. Played by Evie, Multiinstrumentalist and Singer of @drachenflugband⠀

Living in the air has some advantages: fewer insects, a good view and cool uniforms. Played by Michael @dunkelfels, Frontman of @drachenflugband.

⠀There’s no space for stowaway passengers on an airship. That’s why this air folk security guy want to see your ticket before lift off. Played by @enkidu_drachenflug Bassist of Drachenflug.⠀

We’re showing u sth. behindthescenespictures from our shooting with @drachenflugband Pleasure working with u!